Saturday, March 8, 2014

GDG Armenia 2014. Annual Event List

GDG Armenia had rather eventful year on 2013, and more than 500 Armenian IT specialists, Google lovers and students had their participation in those events.

This year as well GDG Armenia plans a range of events, that aim to promote and make more popular Google technologies in Armenia: Yerevan and other cities in Armenia will have a year full of Google events.


GDG Armenia started the year with the traditional celebration of birthday. GDG Armenia group members celebrated the 3rd birthday of the group - named “upracadupra – ok glass, whazz up?”,  in Uptown club in Yerevan. Birthday party was special with the presence of Google Glass. Interested people were informed about their capabilities and tried them on themselves. It was also very fun and interesting that GDG Armenia members were also the DJs, barman and the photographer of the event.

Technological events

As for previous year, this year some developer events are planned as well. In 2014 GDG Armenia plans to organize the range of events - Barev Android 2014, which aims to inform and discuss latest Android changes for developers and for developing in Armenian language. Specifically, during the range of events Barev Android 2014 Armenian programs/apps developing and their updating in Armenia and all over the world will be stressed.

This year GDG Armenia in cooperation with TUMO creative centre will organize Glass Development classes, where young people from TUMO centre and university students will take part. Information about this event has already risen much interest among Armenian technological community.

Next developer events of GDG Armenia called Tech Talks will take place with students from Yerevan and Gyumri.

TechTalks are aimed to increase the interest of students for technological trends, motivate and inspire them to realize their ideas and projects in the sphere of technology. Outside speakers, who are outstanding representatives of the field, will  be also invited in techtalks to share their experience, skills and success stories.

New and very fastly developing two technologies AngularJS and Dart will become the topic of the coming meetings and in 2014 we will try to rise the interest of Armenian developers towards these technologies.

DevFest Armenia 2014 will be the general event of the year: the events has managed to be favorited among Armenian technological community. This year it is expected that the developer festival will attract more than 500 IT specialists and students. DevFest Armenia 2014 will take place in TUMO centre, with which GDG Armenia already has a cooperation experience. As last year, this year as well DevFest Armenia will have a special guest from Google, as well as special speakers from the leading Armenian technological companies.

Armenian developer community remembers I/O - Google’s biggest and most popular event. Of course it will take place in an IO extended format - that is a favorite GDG Armenia event among the group members.

Non-developers events

Non developer events will take place as well during 2014. GDG Armenia will continue MapUp meetings that started in 2013. The meetings will take place in 4 cities in Armenia - Yerevan, Gyumri, Jermuk and Vanadzor. This range of events aims to improve Google Maps quality in Armenia and to contribute to the development of touristic infrastructure in Armenian. Interested young people and NGOs will be attracted in the process.

This year we plan to have meetings devoted to Google+ for the first time. Meeting-discussions will take place in Yerevan and other big cities in Armenia, and the purpose is to discuss the role of social media and its opportunities in business and social spheres.

And of course, besides the mentioned events, GDG Armenia’s schedule will be full of not planned meetings and hachathons, that will be planned and realized during 2014.

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