Sunday, February 10, 2013

GDG Armenia 2013 Plans

2012 full of technological events is left in the past and it is time to move on and arrange our coming tasks.
This year's activiy list of GDG Armenia is again full of innovative events and activities, which we surely plan to realize, as there is an increasing demand from Armenian technological society in being involved in the world's technological trends.

GDG Armenia's 2013 year starts with an important celebrating - GDG Armenia's 2 year anniversary. We together with group members and our supporters are going to meet to sum up the group's activities for the past 2 years, to discuss future plans and projects and, of course, have fun and enjoy a delicious GDG cake.

2013 is planned to be a development year for Google Maps in Armenia. GDG Armenia already prepares for MapUp events in 4 cities in Armenia - Yerevan, Vanadzor, Dilijan and Goris. As a result of these events, these 4 cities will have knowledgeable contributors who will be engaged in further improvement of Maps of their cities.

View GDG Armenia MapUp Meetings 2013 in a larger map

"Barev Android"* will be the first interactive training for beginners, introducing working principles and mechanisms of Android OS. * Barev in Armenian means Hello!

Besides formal events we will continue to have our regular traditional pizza and beer meetups, which give us opportunity to keep in touch and exchange ideas in a non-formal environment.

According to the GDG Armenia strategy to involve more youth and students in our activities, this year we plan to organize meetings in few Armenian universities in Yerevan and Gyumri cities. TechTalks are aimed to increase the interest of students for technological trends, motivate and inspire them to realize their ideas and projects in the sphere of technology. Outside speakers, who are outstanding representatives of the field, will  be also invited in techtalks to share their experience, skills and success stories.

After all these events we will be ready for organizing the biggest event of 2013 - DevFest Armenia. The event will be organized in a non-standard framework where parallel events will be held for both technological experts and beginners or just interested people. During the 2-day festival ecaHack, Developers mini barcamp and conference will take place. General topics of the event are HTML5, Chrome and Android.

Traditionally in the mid of the year Google I/O Entended will be on air for our members and Google lovers.

Another important and big event will follow on the 4-th quartner of the year - GDG Weekend 2-day camp. During the event technological youth will gather and exchange their ideas and projects.

Another non traditional event will be organized for the first time - IT Women in Armenia. Yes, there is a big society of IT women and we will try to motivate them to take part in local and international technological events and, of course, to involve them in GDG Armenia's activities.

GDG Armenia is very flexible in organizing events and there are possible many other non-planned occasions to be celebrated or discussed.

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See also our 2013 plan by presentation here.

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